First, I want you to focus in on what your strengths and interests are so you will maximize the time you spend.


You are about to discover something very cool about yourself.

Everything YOU are already know or can learn can be used to build your most valuable asset – YOUR LIST.


Now, you can begin building your list by Building a Blog quickly with these 3 Sites:


  1. A Squeezepage like the one I use for this site which brought in 100 Subscribers in 10 days for this new blog.
  2. A Domain Name  – BlueHost offers a free domain when you sign up for hosting (this is where your files are stored to make them “live” on the internet.
  3. A Hosting Company – I recommend BlueHost.

The 1 Thing that can change your business is building a list of subscribers who know you and trust your recommendations.





This will save you years of frustration and wondering how people are able to work full-time from their laptops with an internet connection.

But, first, getting started online is like a College Degree, and you have to “declare” and focus in on exactly what your personal Major or Field of Interest lies.





That is our Goal for Lesson #1.  I want you to ask yourself these questions:


  • What is it that I would do on a daily basis for FREE?
  • Whatever comes to mind first is your Passion.
  • Now, your 1 GOAL from this point forward is to build a Subscriber List of Buyers who you can freely recommend solutions in the way of products with your affiliate link.


7 Ways Building a Buyer’s List Can Change Your Life


#1 Building a List


Anyone can pay for a solo ad and build a list of Freebie seekers and if you’re lucky, a few buyers.


But, the question is, how do you get a Buyer that is branded to you?


That takes a bit more sweat and elbow grease, but after doing free ad-swaps for a year and making very little money, I saw a HUGE difference when I changed my methods.


Now, each person has their own “idea” of building a list, but my first REAL success was when I launched my first video course.


#2. Create a Product or Partner with Someone to Create a Product or Buy the Rights to a Product


Shudder! I know you are probably shuddering at the thought of creating a product, but the truth is you can create a quick product in one day, put it up on a blog, put your Autoresponder code at the end of your Summary about your new ebook, put a Paypal button on it to take your first payment when someone buys, and start talking about it on Facebook.

If you like to “share” on Facebook, find a group in Facebook that is “sharing” about the passionate niche you are thinking about right now…there are thousands.


Examples:  Dog breeds, Teachers, Make Money, Stock Market News, Parenting (just go to to see well-researched niches done-for-you).


If you know how to write an email, you can write an ebook.


One cool way is to start your draft with a Private Label Rights product that someone else has written.


You can merely crack open the free Google Docs or the free Open Office program, and write your own version of the book you are reviewing in your own words.


Many Private Label Rights products like the ones you see here that you can purchase also come with Master Resale Rights, which means you can sell it as exactly as it is, including using their Sales Page and graphics. That is a pretty sweet deal, especially to “get your feet wet” with launching a product.


#3 How To Get Eyeballs On Your Book To Sell It


  1. You can share it on Facebook on your own page or,
  2. Create a new Facebook Fan page and share it on there
  3. Use Facebook’s ad platform to “promote” that book.
  4. Share it on Google Plus
  5. Share it on Twitter
  6. Share it on Instagram
  7. Share it on Pinterest
  8. Share it on a Free blog at


#4 Get An Autoresponder Code


Now, you simply get an autoresponder account, create a new Campaign or list, and put your autoresponder code after each article you write, each blog post you write or each Youtube video you create.

Here’s a 3-Step easy course I created where I share exactly how to do that.

(Members can find that in the COURSES FOR MEMBERS ONLY section of this Membership site.)


#5 Start Talking to Your List


Now, when you have your first Buyer, you start talking to them. <Crickets>


I know, you are hearing crickets just starting at a blank page wondering what in the world, do you say in your first email.question-mark-213671_1280


Don’t worry, there are lots of courses that teach you how to do that. Plus, just take a look at your own email inbox and you can get a good idea of exactly what you can say in your first email. Don’t be shy.



#6 Face that U-G-L-Y Word UNSUBSCRIBEDold-607710_1280

If they unsubscribe, the world won’t end today. If they unsubscribe, it’s not a reflection of who you are as a person.

They just simply…unsubscribed. Move on. Think of all the lists you yourself have unsubscribed to. Big deal, right? Not at all and don’t let that nagging fear hold you back. Not one moment. Not one time. Not one instance. Do your dead-level best and move on.

Don’t overthink any of these steps because it leads to analysis paralysis.



#6 Promote Other People’s Products


Once you begin to “talk” and “share” with your list, you can visit this site daily to find out what is launching – and start applying for your affiliate links.


I recently wrote this course about how you can use free, silly, simple product reviews in the Internet Marketing niche, to start building your list AND your income at the same time. It’s a really cool feeling to get a sale AND a subscriber at the same.


You just simply provide the person that visits your video link with your cool video review about the product that just came out on


It really is that simple. Just build your list and business at the same time, by putting your autoresponder link in your video description.


I put together this training to get you started on the fast track.




You can find that inside this Membership area under Courses for Members Only.

I want you to succeed as fast as possible.


I will also be adding many more Lessons and videos to the Membership site so that you can get results quickly.


Don’t skip any lessons.


Just take action from each lesson and you will succeed.





Every day, after finishing each lesson, you will feel so fabulous that you have accomplished your goal for the day and moved toward changing your life with a long-term business model that can feed you and your family for years, if set up properly.