How could a sustainable email list change your life? 

Some of you have written me saying you don’t have a clue where to begin, but you just know you need to get started – like yesterday!

I get it. I understand.  You’re tired. You’re frustrated. You’re downright worn OUT, and frazzled to the bone, trying to figure out the BIG PICTURE.

Well, I can tell you that while others will give you bits and pieces, I’m going to give you the whole picture step-by-step in bite-sized chunks to give you time to take action on Step #1.

I’m going to share with you how I was able to get 100 new subscribers in just a week’s time, with a new website that I created, that grew in size quickly, with all free traffic.

Once you get a handle on the 6 simple steps to build a subscriber list and then an email business, I’m going to show you some paid methods (as an option) to scale your new online business.

What if you could go to a doctor’s appointment, get your nails done, get your hair colored, visit your child in the lunchroom, but you DIDN’T Go, because you couldn’t leave your office, fight that AWFUL traffic, or sweat the hassle of hurrying back while the clock is ticking and your boss is waiting with “that look”?  

Let’s review for a moment.

Do you realize that building a subscriber in ANY niche can be life-changing for you? 

You could look like these guys =) kicking up your heels and shouting  –

I got my 1st Subscriber, I got my 1st Subscriber, I got my 1st subscriber! – Yeehaw!


The secret is to start TODAY.

Don’t wait another minute.

You can wander around the internet.  Instead, I would love for you to join with us.  

You can start with Step #1 and sign-up here to get instant access to the Member’s area.

You are going to go step-by-step learning HOW to get your first subscribers, and we are going to have FUN watching your success grow.


What is your first step after joining? I would suggest that you watch at least one video a night as I roll them out, but there’s already a boatload of information loaded up inside the Member’s area, just waiting for you to click the word JOIN.

In the meantime, when you become a Member, you have instant access to ALL my best 2015 courses, which I may take down from inside the website in 2016 to sell separately, just so you know.  But, for right now, they are available as my gift to help you jump ahead of the learning curve before the new year =).

Your first move will be to have an autoresponder which will be your way to send MAIL and talk to your subscribers.

I use Aweber.

I love Aweber. I also have another autoresponder, but I have stayed with Aweber for years. You can get Aweber with a free trial
Just get your first list created. I remember thinking, okay that’s great, but what in the world would I say in my first email (groan!).
As you can see in the pic below, Aweber offers 20+ email templates for free.  You just simply fill in the blanks (sigh of relief!).



Plus, you can also download how to grow your business with email marketing, also included in your trial.  I love free stuff, especially info that is this useful! Score!



Plus, consider this your official INVITE to join our member’s area and become a F.A.M.  (A Friend of Affiilate Marketing =).

Go ahead and grab the Low Introductory Trial Membership Price that will go up this upcoming year.

Yippee, I’ll see inside the Member’s Area here.